Disruption As Opportunity: COVID-19 Creates A Call To Action

In times of uncertainty humans respond in different ways. Some people shut down out of fear, while others ignite and charge forward. Living through the shared experience of a global pandemic creates the unique opportunity to learn together across difference and distance. The timeliness of Global Citizenship Education could not be more evident. We are living out a case study of our fragile interconnectedness. 

As you consider your curriculum fo the rest of the year and for years to come, here are a few questions to consider:

    • How has the pandemic highlighted social systems of inequity? Do we want to return to the status quo? Where do I (and my students) have agency in creating change?
    • Have I reached out to my community partners? How can I support my community partners in times of crisis and uncertainty?
    • The pandemic highlights the necessity of understanding our global shared fate and interconnectedness. Where can I bring these discussions into my teaching?
    • History is likely to repeat itself – how are we collecting our learnings? 

Share your thoughts and commitments of what you plan to do in the comments below. If you are interested in joining Nobis Project in planning ways to respond together, contact us.

One thought on “Disruption As Opportunity: COVID-19 Creates A Call To Action

  1. Hi Christen, thank you for the thought-provoking email. I find that in times of crisis, I feel less helpless if I get involved on a local level. In Atlanta, as with many other cities, there are organized groups of people who are sewing masks for healthcare providers and citizens. We are working day and night to produce masks with what we have in our supplies–you are forced to be creative and resourceful which is very satisfying. We have a community of people from all walks of life who are working together and sharing resources. It’s a beautiful thing!

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