Why global? (part two)

by Christen Clougherty

How do you bring the global into the classroom in a way that engages the students in meaningful global work that feels relevant to their experience? It was this challenge that prompted me to develop what is now the Nobis Global Action Model. This model offers students the opportunities to discover our global interconnectedness and interdependence. And it calls us, as global citizens, to recognize our shared fate and social responsibility to all people of the world.

Read more about the Nobis Global Action Model

One student said to me at the close of our project,

…when I was telling my family about the project they all wanted to know why we weren’t focusing on things in our own community. And at first I didn’t know how to respond. But now that it’s all done, I told them that I have learned so much about how to work WITH a community in order to help them. And I can take all those skills and go and work with my community here.”

Image credit  Imke Lass


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